Terms and conditions


Currently, given the situation of public knowledge, caused by Covid 19, that any price can be modified at the last minute due to the Health Emergency and provisions decreed in Uruguay by the authorities.
Keep in mind in the event that you decide to purchase the listed tourist services, once you have done so, they will not accept returns in any case (either because they cannot be carried out on the scheduled date for whatever reason, because they cannot be used of the tourist services contracted by you for any reason, as well as in no other case or for any other reason).
If a problem is generated, the reprogramming of the tourist services will only be allowed, under the terms and conditions of the providers and operators thereof, a situation that you know and accept, and your consent in this regard will be ratified by the sole acquisition on your part. of tourist services.
Excellence Turismo is an intermediary in the acquisition of tourist services, not being in any case the provider of the same. The terms and conditions of the tourist services are determined by the respective providers and operators, therefore Excellence Tourism has no responsibility to clients for deficiencies or non-compliance by providers. Consequently, Excellence Turismo will not be liable for thefts, damages, accidents or any kind of detrimental contingency that its clients endure during the trips and / or services they are hiring.
If the trip had to be extended beyond the terms set for reasons not attributable to Excellence Turismo, it expressly disclaims the responsibility of continuing to provide any type of service, with payments originating on the passenger’s behalf.
Excellence Turismo and / or its network of service providers are not responsible, enforceable or enforceable for acts of God that cause delays or unimpeachable breaches due to natural disasters, strikes, wars, invasions, acts of sabotage, hostilities, rebellion, insurrection, terrorism or pronouncements, popular demonstrations, radioactivity, epidemic, pandemic or any other force majeure cause. When elements of this nature intervene, Excellence Tourism undertakes to carry out its commitments within the shortest time possible and as long as once said provision of services is feasible, the contingency that justifies it is maintained.
Excellence Tourism operates only on business days, so that all requests for reservations of tourist services will be processed only on business days from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Uruguay, therefore, all those reservation requests made outside of that schedule, as well as Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be processed the next business day between Monday and Friday at said schedule.

I - Documentation for travel / Visas / Vaccines / Baggage

Due to the constant changes on the part of the responsible entities in each country regarding the documentation necessary to travel, minor visa permits and vaccinations, we recommend that you inquire about the entry requirements to the country or countries you are traveling or transit.
Excellence Turismo cannot be held responsible for the advice of said requirements.
Keep in mind that on numerous occasions between the time reservations are issued and the final date of the trip, there may be changes in the regulations for entering the countries.
Your passport or identity card must be valid for at least 6 months from your return date.
In case of traveling with minors, check with Migrations (Tel .: +59826040322)
Link to consult about visas and other entry requirements to the country of destination or transit.
You can also check with the embassies or consulates of the countries you are traveling to.
Excellence Turismo will not be responsible for forgetfulness, denial of entry, or confiscation of merchandise or personal items. Likewise, each passenger is responsible for their luggage, having to comply with the provisions of each airline in terms of quantity, weight, volume and restrictions of what they transport in it.

II - Reservations

Availability and prices must be confirmed at the time of booking and / or issuing the tourist service.
Once the reservation is made, to acquire the selected service, the Client must make the payment, in the form, term and conditions indicated in the quote, to avoid its cancellation. With the effective collection Excellence Tourism undertakes to manage the acquisition of the tourist services selected by the Client on behalf of the Client. Both for air tickets, hotels and other tourist services, the price and the place are subject to availability and modifications without prior notice by the Airline Company, Operator or Service Provider, as appropriate, until the purchase of the service is confirmed, which happens with the issuance or service orders (“vouchers”), if applicable, after the Client makes and Excellence Turismo receives full payment for them. In other words, the stages of the acquisition procedure of any of the tourist services prior to the confirmation of the acquisition of the service do not guarantee the price or the place.
In the event that there is no availability or there is an alteration in the place or another of the characteristics of the service or modification in the cost of the same or in the exchange rate applied, Excellence Turismo will not be responsible for the higher resulting costs or other eventual damages. and damages suffered by the Client.
All amounts paid by the Client before the confirmation of the acquisition of the services are received as a reservation and nothing guarantees the concretion according to what is indicated above. If there is a price balance, this must be paid in the manner, term and conditions agreed by the parties, otherwise, Excellence Turismo may cancel the services with prior notice to the Client, not having the right to any refund. The costs, commissions, charges, surcharges or any other concept of the means of payment used will be fully and exclusively borne by the Client. The Client declares that the information provided or registered for the purpose of acquiring tourist services through Excellence Tourism is correct and reliable. The means of payment for the different tourist services will be those indicated in the quote. Whatever the means of payment used, the payment will be considered made once it is actually received by Excellence Turismo. The Client authorizes Excellence Turismo, as well as the Operator or Provider of the selected tourist service, to charge their credit card with the value of the purchase, as stated. In the event that said value could not be attributed to the credit card, the Client agrees to authorize the allocation to another credit card of his property or to make the payment by other means as determined by Excellence Turismo.
For the purposes of processing the payment by credit card, the Client undertakes to send this document printed and signed and / or another that Excellence Turismo indicates, with all their complete personal data, along with a front and back copy of their identity document. or passport and credit card, when requested. In the event of non-compliance with the terms agreed in the payment method, the Client acknowledges that he owes all the amounts pending payment. The Client declares that he accepts the cancellation and reimbursement rules imposed by the Air Companies, Operators or Providers of tourist services and the surcharges that these may generate.
Making reservations with Excellence Tourism implies acceptance of the knowledge of the terms and conditions stipulated here.

III- Air tickets

Excellence Turismos does not issue air tickets, when the client requires it, and requests our help in this regard, it may provide this service by referring to a wholesale operator in which case it exempts all responsibility for the issuance of the same.
Air tickets are not refundable; and there are penalties that apply when making modifications or changes of dates. After issuing your air ticket, any modification or cancellation is subject to the airline’s conditions, which may even cause the total loss of the amount paid.
Likewise, we advise to show up at the airport 3 hours before the flight departure.
Excellence Turismo nor the wholesale operator are not responsible for the loss or changes of flights. Do not forget to inquire about the baggage allowances allowed in both airlines.

IV - Hotels

In general, the scheduled time for delivery of the room is at 3:00 p.m., and the return is at 11:00 a.m. If the passengers wish to enter before that time, they must make the reservation for the night before paying for it, if they wish to return it later, they must arrange the price and payment directly with the hotel.
In some countries there are local taxes, which passengers must pay to the hotel at the time of check out.
All extra expenses incurred by the client must be paid at the hotel before their departure. Cancellation fees: these vary depending on the hotel, time of year and the advance with which the cancellation is made. Consult in each case.
If the client leaves the hotel before the contracted date, Excellence Tourism will check with the hotel and invoice according to how the hotel indicates it. Some hotels charge the total for the stay, even if the client leaves earlier.
This may result in charges for additional nights. In order to avoid disputes, the client must always obtain from the hotel a written confirmation of the day of departure and the time, and that they leave before the day of departure and where the hotel states the number of nights to be returned.
The triple and quadruple rooms can have twin or double beds plus an extra bed or two double beds. Most hotels do not have a full bed for each guest in triple and quadruple rooms.
Double rooms can have a single bed. Passengers may request double or twin beds at the time of booking, however they cannot be guaranteed. Triple and quadruple rooms usually have two double beds. Most hotels cannot add more beds to make a triple or quadruple room but they can purchase (cots or similar) with an extra charge.
Reservations can only be made with the passenger’s passport or identity document.
The prices include:
The services that are specified in each reservation, accommodation in selected hotels or similar in category.

Prices do not include:
Drinks, extras, phone calls, internet, washing and ironing clothes, etc. and everything that is not detailed in the hotel voucher.
Some hotels offer a policy for minors, which depend on the type of establishment and also on the age of the minor. Consult in each case.
Excellence Turismo is not responsible for the deterioration, loss, loss, theft or theft or any other thing that happens with respect to the luggage and other personal effects of the Client, nor with respect to the person of the Client.

V - Transfers

The arrival and departure transfers in each city can be in regular service (together with other passengers) or in private service. As indicated in the reservation, they will be made by coach, van, private car, taxi or shuttle. These services will be provided with staff speaking the local language, unless requested in a specific language, which has an extra cost.
Baggage handling comprises a piece with dimensions and weight within the limits established by the airlines. The extra pieces of luggage and excess weight or dimensions must be paid directly by each passenger to the guide, or local office that provides the service, according to the current rates in each case. If by exceeding the dimensions / quantity of luggage, it does not fit in the vehicle, the passenger who owns the luggage will be solely responsible for the transfer and cost of the same.
For arrival and departure transfers there is a reasonable waiting time for our guides, and / or drivers, in the case of arrivals the maximum will be 1 hour and for departures, 30 minutes, after this time the guide will withdraw giving the service for no show and charged, if the passenger calls the local office to be picked up, he must pay for that service directly.
Cancellations must be made at least 3 business days before the date the transfer is taken, otherwise the service will be charged.

VI - Tours

The tours will be carried out in private or by shared bus, according to the reservation. Visits will be with a Spanish-speaking guide, unless expressly requested in another language. Ask for the supplement in other languages.

VII - Packages / Excursions (except special dates)

The packages include:
Accommodation in the mentioned or similar hotels, occupying rooms with private bathroom and taxes included. Meals, excursions, tickets, services and transfers will be according to what is indicated in the itinerary agreed with the client.
Tips, drinks, extras, telephone calls, internet, laundry and ironing, local taxes in some cities, visa costs, optional excursions indicated in the itineraries, or any other expenses not expressly mentioned in the itinerary are not included.
To register it will be necessary to make a deposit of 50% of the value of the tour, and deliver a copy of the document, an act by which these general conditions are accepted. The balance must be paid according to the conditions of the provider, which will be duly informed at the time of registration.
In the event that the passenger decides to cancel their trip, the particular conditions of each service provider will apply.
If the cancellation occurs up to 30 days before the start of the service 50% of the total, and each case will be studied by canceling 29 days before or less, and there may be no refund.

In the case of including cruises, ski packages, facilities that have special conditions, it will be governed by the general conditions of each company and / or facility.
Fairs, exhibitions and other events have special cancellation policies. Please consult in each case.


VIII - Vehicle rental

When acquiring the rental of a vehicle, the Client enters into a contract with the respective Service Provider and accepts all the terms and conditions imposed by it regarding the contracted service, which may even vary from one moment to another, such as characteristics of the vehicle. , schedules, cancellation policies, return, etc. When acquiring the rental of a vehicle, the Client enters into a contract with the respective Service Provider and accepts all the terms and conditions imposed by it regarding the contracted service, which may even vary from one moment to another, such as characteristics of the vehicle . , schedules, cancellation policies, return, etc. Excellence Turismo will simply be in charge of communicating to the Client the answers given by the respective Provider in the event that the Client makes any question, request or claim related to the contracted service, not assuming any kind of responsibility. Once the reservation of the service is confirmed, any modification or cancellation may have penalties, the Client not having the right to reimbursement of those sums or to any compensation in case the service does not admit return.
The Customer is responsible for the proper use of the vehicle, its return in the same state in which it was delivered, in the time, place and manner contracted. The Client is responsible for possible damages, theft, fines and other consequences arising from the use of the rented vehicle, Excellence Turismo not taking charge in any case for the costs of damages and fines generated by the Client.

IX - Groups

In the case of group outings, the place is guaranteed when the deposit has been paid and payments have been made according to the corresponding calendar.
Both the amount of the deposit and the payment schedule for each trip will be duly identified in the quote.
In case the group is unable to form due to not reaching a minimum number of participants, the amounts paid will be reimbursed to the registered passenger, and there is no other type of compensation.
If for any reason the passenger does not wish or cannot make the trip, they must request in writing its cancellation and the amounts paid will be returned only if it is possible to transfer the total trip to another passenger who is not listed.
In all cases, the prices of the quotations are on a “double to share” basis, assigning a person of the same sex to share a twin room (two beds) and benefit from the price on a “double basis”. In the event that the passenger, for any reason, does not want to share a room with the assigned person, he or she must take charge of the single supplement for himself and the other person. In case of cancellation, you must pay the single supplement of the person assigned to you.
Service / Responsibility:
Excellence Turismo reserves the right to modify or change part of the itinerary or services, to improve the quality of the trip or due to unforeseen situations, before the trip or even once it has started.
Image and Social Networks:
Excellence Turismo can record different moments during the trips in images and videos to share on social networks. By hiring the group trip, the passenger agrees that his image be disseminated for advertising purposes. If you do not want to do so, you should inform before starting the trip.

X - Travel insurance

No type of travel insurance is included in the cost of the contracted services. As for any trip abroad or outside the usual place of residence, Excellence Turismo recommends that all its clients take out travel assistance insurance that provides protection against charges for cancellation of flights or other means of transport, loss or damage. luggage or other personal effects, accidents or health problems or any fortuitous event that may arise during the trip.

XI - Alterations

It is important to note that the services purchased may undergo changes by the providers, either in terms of schedules, dates and itinerary. Excellence Turismo is not responsible for possible changes. The organizer reserves the right to alter any itinerary or change some of the hotels published, due to force majeure, at any time and without prior notice.
If the organizer is forced to cancel or suspend any of his excursions or part of them, he will only contract the responsibility of reimbursing the amount paid by the client for said excursion or for parts not enjoyed. Also included in the liability exemption are strikes, work stoppages, emergencies, fortuitous events and force majeure.
When the passenger travels in coaches, in case of accidents, they must expressly submit to the laws of the country in which the vehicle is registered. The transport companies included in the program expressly declare that they are not responsible for any act, omission or accident that occurred with the passengers or their luggage and belongings, during the time that they are not on board their means of transport.

XII - Returns

Returns / modifications of tourist services are subject to the conditions of each provider. When the provider accepts a date change or rescheduling, it implies payment of fines and / or rate differences, which are informed at the time of requesting the modification.
When the client requests a refund, and the provider allows it; Excellence Turismo reserves the right to charge a fixed charge for administrative and management expenses, in addition to what the regulations indicate in air tickets, excursions, and all types of tourist services.
All claims for reimbursements must be directed in writing to info@turismoexcellence.com, and in no case will the providers be the ones who make possible reimbursements. No amount will be reimbursed for services not used voluntarily by the passenger, nor for those services that, having been programmed and / or contracted by the organizer, cannot be provided due to force majeure, bad weather conditions and / or routes, etc.
Refunds will be verified only according to the cost of unused or canceled services.

XII - Purchase documentation:

The proof of the issuance of the tickets and / or service orders (“vouchers”) will be delivered to the client at the email address provided by the Client, and the Client is responsible for printing them to take and present them in each case.

XIII - Jurisprudence:

Faced with any claim, it is governed by the law of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, and must be submitted to the courts of this country. By contracting our services, the client expressly agrees to be governed by the law of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, which is in Spanish, not accepting claims in another language.

When making a purchase, you expressly accept these General Conditions of Excellence Turismo, Uruguay.